The mind is to get lost.


The mind is to get lost.
The mind is to get lost.

The spirit is in doubt. .
The spirit always get lost.

The spirit is lost.

The spirit is wandering.
It’s back.
The spirit wanders, and then comes back.

The spirit is lost.
It may not be able to return.

In such a case,
Let 's blow new wind in a new landscape I have not seen.

The spirit is in doubt.
For that word.

The spirit is in doubt.
Because of his eyes.

The spirit is in doubt.
Because of that voice, its kindness.

A small word sticks into my heart.
A small word opens the bud of the mind.

That person is different from other people.

It smells fragrant nostalgic.

Is it my doubt?
Or am I lost?

That person is there.

As if he knew from the beginning

I’m the only one that is confused and ambivalence.
Only I am inflating my dream.

Maybe I am dreaming only within me.

Cold powder snow
Warm wind

Black sky that covers the sky

They are like shine.

Everything is adorable.

Voice calling me faintly heard from a distance

If you try to listen it will go away

A landscape jumped out of the past unexpectedly

Is it going to happen in the future?
Or is there anything meaningless?

Even if it is important for me, he does not know.

The sound of a clock keeping time constantly.
Someone’s footsteps.

I will leave myself to the gleaming music that flows slowly.


I sleep deeply.
I go to a country where no one knows.


I will continue to sleep until I get there.



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