Will you become a small wizard?


The power of the sprit changes its way of your life.

Beyond what we think ourselves,
Life is influenced by something invisible.

Someone’s bad mood makes your feelings heavy,
The atmosphere on the spot is uncomfortable,

I guess you may not even keep in mind,but that kind of thing happens may be influencing and so on to our own life.

But this invisible energy,
If you know the techniques you can control,
Life is very easy.

Everyone has abilities.

Of course it is the same as not to be able to swim unless you practice.
It is necessary to train and practice.

Nice to meet you. It is Forshow Hamajima of the fortune-teller / exorcist / qigong master.

If anyone practices, you will be able to attract the feelings of people you love, make sure the weather of tomorrow will not rain, and can do a lot of things.

It is not to cause miracles like God.
Even what people thought would not be able to do so far
Actually it is possible that anyone can do it.

You can not ride a bicycle without practicing.

You need techniques, knowledge and skill.
But anyone can do that.

I am planning to place more of them,
what only I know and what only some people know.

I occasionally do the work “I will experience past life “.

“One hundred day training", “Tensho Shoden" etc. are given to those who need it.

I hold a seminar every other month.

I teach Spiritual qigong at Office and ZOOM(remote).

Shogakukan’s online site “Pet Moreau" has a psychological test, shrines and temples where you can meet cats, fun spots such as are posted.

I am planning to put a lot of things you can do.
First of all let yourselves try and have fun.

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