I missed you a long time.

I missed you a long time.
I have been waiting for a long time to see you.

There is a time when everyone wants to be told in such a way.

In daily life
Even though there is such a moment
It passed by in a flash of moment,
It will be forgotten from people unnoticed.

Even if you meet a nice guy,
You just think that person is familiar to someone.

Even if you try to explore the depths of your heart,
You have already forgotten that way,

Even if you scratch in your heart
The memory that you cried when you fought as a child came out.
Such a thing.

Since when have we become unprotected and no longer cry?

[I missed you a long time. ]

People do not say so, instead,
Good morning.
see you tomorrow.
What’s wrong?

Your words change shape and reach the other 's heart.

[I missed you a long time. ]

You meet that person, and then,
What did you want to do with that person?

Something is about to emerge from your faint memories.

Everyone encounters someone who was determined to meet,
While everyone is not aware, they exchange messages they have forgotten.

The suffering is what you have chosen.
That’s because you have a deeper heart.

Sorrow is what you have chosen.
It is to acquire deeper gentleness.

They are for you to taste even more happiness.

You were born to tell love and give love, do not you?
To give and give love.

People want to devote love earnestly, injured, even being saddened,
If they do not know it, they can not give it deeply.

People breathe in pain,
People hurt themselves in solitude.

To meet the kindness.
To notice the warmth in their own.

I missed you.

I missed you.

Who did you meet?
Or have you met someone nostalgic?

I missed you.

I missed you.

Who did you want to see?
Or did you want to see that person you are seeing?


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