Once again…

I want to see that lover again
I kept on thinking for a long time.

A lot of time has passed since then.。
He doesn’t reminds me of his past image?

Can I recognize?
Can I recognize him?
Can he recognize me?

Still one more time,
Only meeting that lover again,

I want to stare from that lover.

Even if I do not communicate with him,
I always wanted to meet that eyes all the time.

There are lots of encounters,
I have repeated a lot of overwriting.。

… should have been,

In my heart
That lover alone is still that eyes.

I want to see that lover.
However. I just want to see you,lover.

I just being wanted to bring here too far past,

Even finding a slight clues is scary.
Just time passes.

I missed that lover away from the distance.

Even when it seemed that a new love had erased him,

That eyes staring straight at me.

I want to see you again, lover.

I want to see you.

I always thought so.
I always wished so.

Someday in this life.


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