In the gap of their own unstable heart,

Some people seem to be very mentally unstable.
Many are women, but occasionally there are men

It is difficult to express it.
They are not nervous.
They are also sensitive.

They are sensitive to <qui * Tao>.
However, some people do not feel it much.
Everyone is not the same.

“That person is very unstable."
Sometimes there are people like that.

They are usually ordinary people.
Probably they live in a mediocre when there is no trigger.

However, under certain conditions
They act very strangely without themselves noticing.

Other people are amazed at their actions.
And they suddenly begin to act like that.

They may have a pure heart.

They suddenly behave strangely as if they were poked in the gap of their hearts.

Because he is stuck in the gap of their own unstable heart.
People who push the switch do not notice it.

Perhaps most people can not understand it.

Some people think that “Oh! That’s right !!".

Such people are increasing rapidly.
I feel that way.


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