Happiness, your mind decides

Many people try to go away from happiness
why is it?

They say “I want to be happy."
Why is behavior choosing only the way to the opposite direction?

They say.
“Without this, I can be happy."
“If I solve this problem I can be happy."
“If I eliminate this I can be happy."

That man … this woman …

People whose lives are going well are well attached to the luggage of their lives.

Even if their luggage is heavy, say “It is just right size for me."
While they will walk along with the baggage, they enjoy the scenery around them.

People who try to throw away their baggage from heavy do not see the surrounding scenery.
They feel heavy luggage and it makes them feel painful.

They say, “Without this package you can do a lot of things."

And even if they throw away the baggage well, they will be given more heavy luggage.

People who lightly fly in the sky are not without luggage.
They love all luggage. So wings may grow on their backs.

In short novel Akutagawa Ryunosuke 's “spider thread"

Buddha is sorry for the man suffering in hell. And Buddha will drop him a thread of spider.
The man will gladly start climbing it.

When a man looks down in the middle, a lot of people can see him follow him

The man screams downwards afraid of thread break.
“The thread of this spider is mine!"

As soon as that,
The thread runs out from just above the man, and the man falls down on a straight line.

To love life,
The reason for loving life is not because that one’s own life is flat.

Because they have up and downs in their lives, they enjoy life and love life.

Everyone has life’s challenges.
The challenge comes at the size that is appropriate for that person.

Even if you think your own suffering is big and others’ troubles seem small, it matches your size.

Love life,
Love people,
Love yourself,

Let’s think about your luggage in your life.


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