☆ Call back heart that went away.

Call back heart that went away.

2 cm × 15 cm
Write his name in red in Japanese paper. And twist paper like a string.
Besides smelling the roses. (incense or aromatic oil etc.)

Make a bow to the ring finger of the right hand with the twist paper at 23 o’clock.
Every night, when you slept thinking about your partner, when a partner appeared in your dream,
The other’s heart comes back.


☆ Resolve anxiety of love.

Resolve anxiety of love.

Hit the amethyst pendant with the light of the moon,
You say, “All obstacles will be removed"
Always wear this pendant.


☆ Let the partner stop gambling.

Let the partner stop gambling.

Make a 1 cm square box with a milk carton.
Fire a candle and pour in a half a melted wax into a box.
When it gets a little harder, put partner’s hair and nails.
Pour the wax further from above.

Once it has cooled down completely, remove the surrounding box.

Take it to the furthest place where you can walk, dig a hole and fill it.
Meanwhile, be careful, so that no one will look into your eyes.


☆ Get away from dislikes.

Get away from dislikes.

Write your own initials on the right side of disposable chopsticks,
Write the initials of dislikes in black on the left.

Make fun of yourself while thinking about disgusting people.

Your initials are thrown away in the garbage cans of the house,
Those who you dislike should be discarded in the dustbin as far as possible.


☆ Eliminate troubles in the home.

Eliminate troubles in the home.

To paste the green beads for the number of family members on black paper.
Join the beads like a constellation with white lines.
Draw a × in the four corners of the paper, always carry around.



☆ A talisman to win an investment

If you want to succeed in investment,
Write this talisman on a cardboard with a brush.
And always have it.

Because this is a secret in secret,
Do not tell anyone.

A talisman to win an investment


☆ When to buy a lottery

Let’s buy a lottery ticket when life is going well. With good results. More blessings will come.

When you receive a lot of delicious things, let’s divide it for everyone. A lot of luck will come back if you distribute it with a smile.


☆ If you keep a cat,

When keeping a cat alone by a woman, a point where one or two catch luck.

In the age of Vikings, in the surrounding countries,
From the faith in Goddess Freyja,
Think of linking fruitful marriages and mysterious cats,
If you give a black cat to someone wedding celebration, they can become happy,
It is said that women who have many cats can get married without fail.



☆ Twinkle

There is no bad luck when you wear bright clothing.
And,If you wear a glittery thing, money luck will come.


☆How to keep from devil

Outside the entrance door of the house
Place natural salt straight along the entrance..

About one week
(In the meantime, replace the salt if it gets dirty or someone scattered solt by in and out)
Sink away the salt you used.

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