Guardian spirit

I often hear that “Can you see my" Guardian spirit “?

In most cases

Whether you use the word “Guardian spirit" or not,
I feel some sort of energy.
Whether it is called “Guardian spirit" or in other words is different from person to person.

That is the answer.
It does not deny the Guardian spirit.

Whether it’s named “Guardian spirit", named “dragon god", named “Ancestors", or “Oneself (higher-self)",

That’s the image the person meets, the feeling that person has.

It is a fact that some people feel that they are being protected with certain kinds of energy.

I guess that what he creates is doing that,
I think that it is different for each person how to catch it as an angel to think of it as Ancestors.。

Sometimes people’s energy who met after a long time has changed.。

There would have been something to change that person’s atmosphere during the time spent so far.

Among those who have met up to now, no one has lowered aura
(People who lost energy)
Coincidentally, am I seeing only people who are striving? They are all getting better.

I got a free appraisal with the restaurant “Kaleido" which was in Kawagoe before.
Are they different types from people who are always appraising?
They had quite a different atmosphere.

People who try to see their destiny by paying the fee that I always see are seriously trying to change their present condition.

So they have the intention of “trying somehow."

Free appraisal case,
Time was short, and of course not all, but

(It’s not serious as it’s free)
They had a lot of atmosphere “I want you to manage me."

In other words, they may not be in such trouble.
I think that there were many people who were fortunetored by browsing for fun.
That’s fine.
Was not it a good opportunity to review themselves?

<It is different from fortune-telling that automatically results by birthday.
Ask what they want to do.>

Thankfully, those who asked for fortunetelling appraisal once again ask for repetitive fortune telling.
But I am fortune-telling to think this time only.

Even after ten years, it is nice if you remember me when they have troubled problems again,

Someone introduces a new person to call me.

When I started this work, because I did not promote it,
There was almost no client.

Even so, in our entire life
Even if it is unnecessary for a hundred people, Only one of them,
If we can help make someone 's life happy,I think it must be great.
Life is like that.

No one can serve everyone. but, can be useful for someone.
I do not know whether it is tomorrow or yesterday.

Everyone is living with someone as a necessity,
Everyone is unconsciously making someone happy.。

Not because “Guardian spirit" exists, one is okay,and
It is important to know that the existence itself of “oneself" is okay.

Everyone has “love" in their hearts.

People named “love" any name,
There is “love" so it’s okay.

Let’s fill yourself with love.

To satisfy yourselves


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