☆ Method to erase clouds

When the sky has wind
Choose the day when the clouds are flowing.
(Do not be greedy from the beginning.)

Let’s look for a small cloud at the edge.
It will disappear if you rub it with your fingertips.

You will be surprised,
Because it disappears more rapidly than other clouds.

If you get used to it
Please also erase various types of clouds.




☆ Method to cure a bad condition in the body

How to cure a bad condition in the body

Life energy flows in the body.
People’s health is bad due to living energy stagnation.

By shedding the stagnation of life energy in the body, the physical condition will improve.

The way to do (image)

Put your palm in the other 's body,
Imagine that palm turned out like big fan.
Next, scrape out the old energy from the other 's body.

By doing it over and over,
The other party feels that the body got lighter.

Although it is not necessarily a great effect,
When the wave of your opponent and yours fits perfectly,
Something like a miracle may result.

When your family suddenly got sick in the middle of the night.
When someone got sick when traveling.
When you feel that your pet is strange.

It is convenient if you know this way.

Especially effective for pets.




☆ Method to purify the land.(The witchcraft of stopping water)

How to purify the land. (The witchcraft of stopping water)

[The witchcraft of stopping water]
The name is [stop water],but
It does not stop the actual water vein.

When you live in the land and the trouble continues,
It may possibly be resolved by purifying the land.

In the basement, we have an invisible energy flow.
It affects people who live there, and things that will not work will occur one after another.

Identify where you are stagnating that energy,
You can purify the land by giving out unnecessary energy.
By taking it you remove bad luck and attract good luck.


Use “L-lot” and walk around the land.
Identify where energy is stagnant.

Put a short copper wire in the place. That way you will let the extra energy of the land escape.




☆ Reflect negative energy

Does not your body feel uncomfortable as your feelings get heavy, receiving someone’s negative energy?

Is there anyone aggressive against you?

Is there a place where you definitely get sick when you go there?

If you are a person sensitive to negative energy,
know how to bounce it back.
That way, you will be more comfortable from now.

There are two Method.

About 20 cc sake is put in about 500 cc water,
Spray it on your whole when you go out.

The barrier covers the entire your body and protects it all day.

Use a mirror.

Wear the mirror in the direction of negative energy coming.
As opponent mirrors the mirror.

You can put it in your pocket or stay in a bag or desk.

Lucky energy comes in straight.
But, since the negative energy is not straight, the mirror will rebound.



☆ Improve the hearing of your ears

You can do it against yourself, or you can do it for others.

First of all, make a faint sound near the ears and check your hearing.

Image power is important for this.

Think of the hole in the ear as a big cave.
Move your hands toward your ears to scoop out the web of spiders.
Like when you are pulling a tug , you will make an image to pull something out.

Or, as you wrap around the cotton around, pull it out.

Repeat it many times,
when the response becomes light,
check the ears again, once again.

You will notice that your hearing has been cleared up.




☆ Remote Healing

It is not that you send energy to a person in the distance.

Bring him in the distance (in the image) in front of you,
Heal that person.

After that, it is as described above.
See [Method to cure a bad condition in the body].



☆ Methods to shine gems etc.


Jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, watches etc
Those will increase shine by Spirifual cleaning.

There are 4 ways.


There are many kinds of patterns with energy.
Choose one kind of that you like.
Draw it on paper and lay those on.

After a while, the brilliance of those has increased.


Think of it as being the same as curing a bad condition in your body.
Rake out old energy out of the thing with a palm.
Then,start shining at the moment you see.


Go to the forest and wash it with clean stream water or springs that spring.
They receive the energy of the mountains, they are beautifully brilliant.


Put them in a transparent glass containing sake and wait for 2-3 days.
In the case of a bracelet using stone,
It may seem that they are bulging.


☆ Method to make it better to see the eyeglasses look

Watch glasses first and feel where you feel unreadable.
Then check how you see that glasses.

Put your glasses in front of you.

Rake out the old energy from the glasses with your palm.

Turning the glasses upside down, and while replacing left and right,
repeat it over and over again.

Wear your pair of glasses again and
see the previous one.
Then you will notice that it is clearly visible.

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