(Ms. Mariko Machida of Chanson singer made a song. It is somewhat different from the original.)

Goodbye no more

Because I love you so much
I do not regret it., yet

The days when there was laughter
That will follow me.

We hurt each other, and
We were exhausted by an endless argument.

That day when I slept while crying

He put kindness on the palm
He showed it softly
The expression of that person at that time

A lot of days being
Every single piece falls off

Some day
Just like looking at the distant mountains

Someday he also
It will turn into a faded photo.

Because I hurt my heart too much.

Even if I look at anything
That footprint of him continues to remain.

I have not felt anything about losed him

as if
Like throwing out old clothes

I will be able to live in peace.

He is already …

From the beginning, he was not there.


I will not turn around.


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