2 is very difficult to understand with sentences alone,
It is necessary to see where we are actually doing.
Otherwise, you may remember it in a different way.
I will post a movie when I am ready.
It is only preparing because it is still being prepared.


☆ How to attract others’ feelings

How to attract others' feelings




☆ Method to rejuvenate the face




☆ Method to make eyes look better


☆ Let’s change the taste of food / drink.



Divide the fruit in half and put energy in one side.
How to put it,
Lower the energy of the sky from the top down with the dominant hand.

If you think that a lot of energy entered the fruit
Eat each and compare.

In most cases, The fruit who put energy in is sweet and tasty.

Not limited to fruits, you can try any food.


Prepare the drink you are drinking on a daily basis. Water, coffee and so on.

Becoming a pair of two people
Pour a drink into each cup, and drink a little and check the taste.
Exchange each other’s cups.
(In order to have your partner put energy into your cup)
Let’s put energy in the same way as above.

When feeling that sufficient energy entered,
Take each other’s cup and drink it.

You will be surprised that the taste has changed from the beginning.

Let’s request each other like “strawberry flavor" or “curry flavor".

If you do strawberry-flavored energy or put in curry-flavored energy,
When exchanging with each other, it will make you smile because it is its flavor.




☆ Method to cure nasal blockage






☆ Method to remove drowsiness




☆Let’s purify your wallet

First of all, rake out the wallet’s old energy with your palm. (See Mystery1)

Then enter the energy of the sky.
(Imagination: Cosmic Energy etc.)

With your handedness, drop energy from above and put it in your wallet.

Put it in the wallet (inside) again and again and again.
Then it seems that the wallet has gradually expanded.

If the wallet has inflated evenly, then the work is over,
If there are places that do not swell, open the wallet and check what is in that place.

After removing the cards and bills that do not fit in the wallet, once again putting in energy, the wallet starts to swell.

If the purse still does not inflate, check the contents further.

When enough energy enters the wallet, I feel warm when you hold the wallet.



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