During my student days
I thought that I would not fall in love when I was older.
at that time,
I felt it was a kind of experience unique to a young age.

People falls in love all the while in their life.

The songs that are flowing in town are all in love songs.

For example, the love of a sixties is different from the love of a teensman.
… Yes, it is very different.

As people grow up, sometimes love also becomes gentle,

By the age of teens, it was ALL or NOTHING in all.
Young people had to get everything or deny all of themselves.

People can tolerate the difference between themselves and other values to experience a lot of experience,

He will be able to respect the part himself unacceptable as the personality of the opponent.

Falling in love and love are mixed and can not distinguishable.

Regardless of age, the intensity of love catches people.

Once people get caught in love,
People can not resist whatever protest

Even if people intend to leave calm feelings
They do not act calmly, but they themselves do not notice.

Everyone admires the splendor, but love is very selfish.
When people fall in love, demand more from the partner than ever.

I want this.
I want you to have this.

Requests are not limited from small things to big things.
And people often do not even notice what they are requesting.

People accustomed to them, those who do not mind
People can not break up with who attack or afflict them.

The suffering of love resembles a kind of euphoria, letting you keep your mind like a drug.

And when people feel that they have met with soul mates, they can no longer leave their feelings from that fact.

Not limited to love,

Do not judge. … others and also yourself.

There is no such only one of them as being correct.
If there is an unacceptable part, efforts to not concentrate on it are necessary.

People are more concerned if they care about it and do not like it.
It grows steadily and steadily.

People are different. … oneself and others,too.

Love is a moment.
Love will soon become obsession, become jealous and try to turn into detention。

Love does not apply to any law.
Peopele can not tell thir love from the word borrowed from somewhere.

Because the style is good,
Because beautiful,
Because he is a good family,

For that reason people do not fall in love.
People fall in love without knowing the reason.。

People suffer hearts when they fall in love.
People suffer due to the difference in speed between their heart and the other’s heart.
A person in love does a variety of things to escape from suffering。

From actively acting to praying to heaven
Love is like a Narcotic and once you remember it can not be forgotten.

If you want to forget, you have to freeze your heart.

Love changes in various ways, changing the shape.

There is not enough happiness to keep love with the same partner forever.

To the words of the wedding vow
There is the word “when sick or poor …"
Even when each other fights, when either is suffering,
“Do you promise to love?"

Beginning of love
In the middle of love

In the middle of the journey there are grasslands and parks.
There is also a sunny hill and a quiet flowing sound.

Everyone walks on the way, with their feet.

Lost in the way, choosing the way,


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