Love does not change.

Love does not change.
Even after a century.

I will be counting stars forever, looking up at the sky.
To keep my heart from falling down.

I carried love carefully from distant nebula.
The garden in which these flowers bloom.

The far side of the fog of a million light-years
Encounter in the flow of time,

I will be standing on this earth forever,
taking a brilliant light of the sun.

The Tour of time
People farewell … Encounter …

They walk up again with a gaze.

I will commit my mind to the wind.
Dream in the Afterlife,
Let’s breath into the falling leaves of trees.

commit this life.。

Love does not change.
Even if a thousand years passed away.

Love does not change.

The universe slowly moves away, approaching, 、

I project my shadow in your eyes.


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