☆ 禹歩(uho)

A kind of walking method to do before the practice begins, such as Daoist Priest, Examinee etc.
A secret way that you can exorcise the devil, cleanse the place, successfully accomplish the practice, or enhance the skill of the Daoist Priest.


Begin with the position where the right leg is extended diagonally forward.
From there, walk alternately from the left foot and walk nine times.
(Actually it is one step with 1, 2, 3, so it counts as three steps in all)

After putting one foot, next both legs are aligned,
Next, when you pull out the other foot on the other side, you will also arrange your legs again.

禹歩の三歩九跡 (since nine footprints remain in three steps)
You can walk in fitting with [臨兵倒者皆陣列在前(pronunciation:rin-pyo-to-sha-kai-jin-letsu-zai-zen)].

It ends with the left foot for the first time from the left foot (^ ^


☆ Cleaning with a candle

When feeling that place is a bad place,

● If there is a little shrine on that land, please put a candle there for a while.
If possible, please continue to burn the candle there for 12 hours to 24 hours.
It is finish if you feel that the air in that place has become lighter.

● The purification in the house is influenced by human energy.
Therefore, conditions change.
There is a way that everyone can easily make it effective.
That is to keep the candle burning for hours. (If possible, keep burning the candles for several days.)

Some people ask me. “Can you substitute incense incense or aroma goods?"
Their effects are much lower.

If purification of the room is a purpose,
Rather than putting a candle in one place in the room,
Put the candles in the corners and in the middle.

In places where minus energy is accumulated,
Continue to burn the candles for overnight.
Then, the air in the room feels light.


☆ Use “L-lot"

Two wires of 50 to 60 cm (copper wire is good).

Bend the copper wire at right angle around 20 cm to make it L shape.

Hold the short sides one by one in both hands so that the longer sides are parallel.

Walk here and there keeping the long side of the copper wire parallel.
At places where the minus energy is strong
The tip of the wire opens so as to open like the Ogi(fan).

Lit the candle in that place and purify it.



☆ Salt bath

Put a bag of salt in the bath . (1 kg/200L)
Hot water is lukewarm. Salt is crude salt, natural salt. It takes time to relax and go in.

A person who is worried that the Bath heater is going to be damaged, pull out the hot water of the salt-in, do not dry it, keep the water in the bathtub immediately afterwards, the Bath heater will not be damaged.

When the energy of the body is stagnant, the hot water becomes dark.
When People who always use computers enters a salt bath,
often hot water gets dark.
When you come out of the bath, shed well.

You maybe feel that the body got lighter.
The best recommendation is to use seawater as it is.

If you go to the seaside bath in the summer, you will expect a considerable effect if you are immersed in sea water with “that feeling". There is a hot spring using seawater near the sea.


☆ Sake bath

When you are tired, use sake.

Put a glass of a scentful sake from 1 cup to 2 cups in a bathtub.
After that, soak in the bath relaxedly.
For your energy supplement.

In this case, the effect is better for high-quality sake.

Especially recommended when spiritually tired.
The sake bath also works for the initial symptoms of a cold.

When spiritual things go out, there is a faint sound.


☆ Vinegar bath

It is the same way as salt bath.
Put a glass of vinegar in the bath. And take a bath just like a salt bath.

Then take a shower from the head for about 20 minutes.
At that time, using “thought" (more aggressive feeling than the image), try to stream devil from your body.



☆ O-ring test

Form of basic hand (photo above)

(1) Make a circle with your thumb and index finger of your handedness.
Place the thing you want to test on the opposite hand.

When you test what you can not get
(For example, when you choose A university or B university)
Write it on paper and try this .


(2)First, try with things you do not need.

First, try with something you do not need.

Once on the palm, you stare at the object.
Meanwhile, have your partner open your thumb and index finger ring.

Lightly emphasize that you do not open the looped fingers.
And remember each other’s power at that time.


Next, try it with your precious things.

Candy in the photo. (^ ^; ゞ
Car key, home key, glasses, etc.,
Try it with the important thing that is worse if it is lost.

If you put it on your palm just like (2), stare still.

Have your partner open the circle you made with your fingers.
To prevent your fingers from opening, lightenly embark with the same force as (2).

At this time,
You are in the same power,
When you are trying something you do not need
Your fingers will be opened soon.

But what is important to you,
Even those with weak power do not close their fingers with amazing power.

Be sure to try (1) and (2).

Next time,

Is it necessary for you?
Try on what you want to know on your palm.

Medicine, books, lectures on culture clubs, which hospitals, etc.
You can try anything.

When doing catalog shopping,
You can put a palm on the picture and test it by making an O ring.

If you shop on the Internet,
Turn your hand to the monitor,
You can do O-ring test.

You may not be wasting shopping.



☆ When it is unlucky

Pour water near the entrance of the house.
(At the store, it is better to do it every day.)
Luck will gradually come up as you do this.

Clear the inside of the room. (house / shop). (Organized in tidiness)
Put simply,
The poor God likes the place that is messy.,
The lucky god goes out as uncomfortable if the room is dirty as the room is not clean as it is cluttered.

If you feel that your luck has fallen, you need to fix over the room.

“not cling to an idea"
Act with conscious of “to let go of".

When not going well, sticking to strangely stronger.
One will stick to anything.
And one can not improve yourself (-;;)

For better flow,
Please improve the flow of Ki.
(Qigong, breathing method, sports are good, but meditation tends to stick, so it is not suitable for this.)

● In the yard, spread salt little by little, where you feel “Yin".
Salt is crude salt and natural salt. The amount of salt is a pinch (About pinching with 3 fingers) enough.

People who do not know how to feel,
Put salt on the corner of the building, the shadow of the object, the corner of the land, the place always in the shade, etc.

● If materials and miscellaneous items are placed around your house, organize it.
If there are too grown trees, drop the branches.
Let the wind pass through the boundary line with the neighboring land
(Ensure that energy does not stagnate.)


☆ Purification of site on rainy day

On the evening when the rain gets heavy, (sake, 1800 cc bottle)
Sprinkle sake around your house and make a round. (Purification of land)
It is best for the patriarch of the house to do it.


☆ Purification of the site when the weather is good

You will do it all day.

Spread a lot of water from the corner of the land to the corner.
This is a wonderful way to purify.

If you do not have a long hose, please use the bucket’s water or watering can.

There is a word “to shed in the water" in Japan.
Please drain the water violently like that.
By doing so, Evil spirits will flow away.

After that is over,
You will feel refreshed, refreshing.

Do as much as possible on a day like summer.

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