Just like a wave to return

Reflect the returning wave
The everlasting shabby

From when did people listen?

From the clearance of mountain trees
From the shadow of a small rock of the stream of a mountain stream

From the shoe sounds of a crowd that many people pass by

You smell the water in the sound of the wind, see the rainbow in the rainy sky.

You keep on waiting for 【the voice】 to come up, listen carefully, keep your mind clear,

I have been waiting for you for a long time.
I have been loving you for a long time.。

People dream like fairy tales.

They are hoping that a person keeping waiting for themselves will be somewhere in this sky.

There is a wing on the back of that lover, you can see it.

There is sorrow on the back of that lover, which sounds the harp of your heart.

You know that you will definitely meet that lover someday, but when you meet, you forget about it.

From the beginning
You are like a newborn baby
And straight forward

You will head towards the other party.
Without noticing each other’s love.


I’ve been waiting forever,
About you.

To come to see me

Because I knew.

Because I was waiting for you.

Separate the two

The difference of habit
Differences in values

Various things get caught, trying to pull apart between the waves.
As if something magical powers worked, miracles happen to the lovers.

A wish
Sense of loss
By chance

Something why you can not stay without meeting that lover.

Please call my name.

Please whisper to me that “I love you".

From the darkness its voice echoed
Even if you are in the wilderness,
As if wearing warm clothes, light the lamp of the heart

Even when you are blowing in the wind,
That voice will be heard straight in your heart.

You heard a voice that does not become a voice of lover, and it will impressed by that voice.

Summer morning dew
A drop on the wet grass leaves.
It will be brought to light by the light and flowers will bloom.

Engraved on an ancient calendar
Promise of 【time】.
Lover meetings.
What kind of fate has come?


From tens of millions of hundreds of millions of people
You stay searching for the lover.

Without meeting the lover,
You can not end life.

Breathe you,
Taste you,
Until I love you

This life never ends.

To love you
I visited with you.

With eternal love
Let’s have eternal life.

With you.

The forest becomes deeper,
The water sound increases.

The sun in the day caught in the clouds
Flying birds can only see shadows.

While hesitating, confused, worried
It is caught strongly by its deep thought
You can not leave the place.

That lover walks around in a dream,
You are awake and blown in the wind.

A flood took place in the heart
Something is about to go out like a tsunami.

Shall you rock the lover and awake? Or

Shall you fall asleep and walk with your lover in a dream world?


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